Friday, March 6, 2009

Could be falling..

Spring does that to song birds. It really does feel like spring. We are breaking through.

I find myself giggling, ticklish (how do you spell that word? I'll never know), smiling, a blushing young girl again.

Maybe it's temporary, but show me someone ((anyone)) who is constant these days.

Sitting back, appreciating. I sat on the tree fort my dad built over a decade ago. The wood is cracked, paint chipped. The swing still works, it creaked but it carried me just fine. I swung, remembering times when I sat there without a cigarette. When I jumped off and laid in the grass, staring at the sky for twenty minutes. What happened to being invincible? I want to be a superhero again, I want to fly off those swings, 30 feet into the air like I always believed I was.

It's time. Meet me at the playground.

1 comment:

  1. it's all in our perception. it's all in our faith...our belief that we are invincible. we believe it when we are little because we have no experience to tell us otherwise. then we live. then we jump and fall. then we see what we saw before and find that it looks nothing the same. it's the reality of living. it either sucks or it inspires us to believe regardless of what we know to be reality. every day we get to choose- i like it that way. some days, i'll just jump and not give a shit if it hurts when i fall. other days, i know how bad it hurts and i stay right where i am. the ability to choose is so much better...i think.