Sunday, December 27, 2009

i believe...

that we all have far more than we deserve.

time to stop taking it all for granted.

Dear Life,
I love you, I do not deserve all that you have given me. Still, I will graciously accept it. I have every intention to spend the remainder of you trying to give back, to earn the rewards I already possess. Intentions mean nothing, of course. Saying and doing are so different. But maybe writing this down, publishing this to the wide open internet, maybe this will be enough to remind me (at least from time to time) that there is so much good. Cheesy. Cheesier than the cheesy bread that gave me heartburn 10 minutes ago. Whatever. Life, here is a list of the wonderful things you have given to me:
-family (jujubee included)
-great boobs
-amazing friends
-an amazing man whom I adore
-"some times I wouldn't trade for the world."

i could go on, but most things can be lumped into those categories.

So Life, I thank you.