Monday, February 9, 2009

Is it enough to come home, just a little bit late from work, to a leaking ceiling and a sad, sick best friend? I think it is. Right now it is enough. Soaking wet towels again, heavier than I am... on a really bad day. Throw them in a big machine, it will wipe the musty odor away. Wash it away. Dance across the kitchen, you vibrating and unbalanced, washing-robot.

I sometimes wonder if inanimate objects are really so inanimate. We are not made of metal or plastic. We are not wooden, so who the hell decided they knew what it was like to be a lump of coal? I think I have enslaved my washing machine robot. Poor thing.


  1. Hey yo! Thanks for the kind words, you do good things too. It was great to hang this weekend too, I especially like our shared short, but sweet dance during Byrans set. Okay, so maybe it was not a dance, but you were rocking out and that was inspiring to see. You have sick dance moves, teach us.

    ps. don't let the robots win!

  2. you're a peach! Bryan himself is inspiring. if it weren't for the tunes, I'd never bust the moves. I looked at you a few times and smiled huge to see you singing along. It was awesome.